Your Client Is More Tired Than You Are

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been there

Social work needs to rethink what it means to be privileged. I did the work for 35 years and had to leave government CP work as the bureaucracy has taken any sense of meeting the clients where they are at, used to a core of social work, not any more.

Mary Jo H Nemec more than 1 year ago

Resonates deeply

I come back to read this regularly. Important and ought to be handed out at every MSW graduation ceremony, or read out loud to graduates. After 20 years, this resonates deeply, especially in the middle of the pandemic.

Chris Holly more than 2 years ago

Thank you!

Thank you Molly and thank you Chris. You are so right. This should be required reading in every MSW classroom across the country. It is exactly what I needed to read today as someone new to the field of social work.

Janet more than 1 year ago

Thank you

Thank you Molly. Well said. May God continue to bless and strengthen you as you continue this important journey

Monica more than 4 years ago

Useful reminders

I think it's incredibly important to remember that yes, it can be a very trying profession at times, but there's so much privilege, access to knowledge, and all kinds of benefits that we have and take for granted in our day to day lives that many of our clients will never know. As an example, many of us will never have to face the every day reality of taking an antipsychotic which is required to calm our mental health symptoms, but which also create hardship through side effects and regular blood tests. In many ways we're super privileged; and it's really helpful to remember that.

Alex Black more than 4 years ago

after last week

I am a Children Services social worker. After the very emotionally trying week I had last week...I needed this more than you could know. As I lay down to go to sleep tonight I am filled with a hope that I can keep pushing on. I got into this field for a reason and I lost sight of that last week but this was a great reminder of why I do what I do!! Thank you.

Katelyn Miller, MSSW, LISW more than 4 years ago

Hobbling on

Thank you for the validation and for seeing the dialectics in our working lives- hurting is “both/and” not “us/them.” I’ve struggled with that, so much that I’ve been seriously contemplating leaving this profession after 15 years (!) of practice. I am soul-tired, beyond bone tired. But I know what so do matters and that I am one of the lucky few to have the x-ray emotional goggles. So, I will keep on for now. Thank you for seeing that the struggle is real.

Amy more than 4 years ago

Your client is more tired than you are

Molly what a great article, well written and so true as to the struggle of our patients and social workers/therapist. I have had those days many of times and have had to practice my mindfulness skills or find some sort of balance so that I can trek on. Our patients/clients are often times more tired than we are but at least we have supports they often times have no one.

Evette Blackman, LCSW more than 4 years ago

Your Client Is More Tired Than You Are

Wonderful article. Everything you stated is right on target. As social workers, we need to take more " self care days off " and rejuvenate our soul and spirit.

Voile Cohen more than 4 years ago

Thank you!

I can relate to this but in different ways as I am working with adults who did not get their high school diploma and I see their struggle to work hard to accomplish that goal. They too are tired and exhausted from life but still show up. I see my teachers showing up for them even when they are having bad days and the pay is not the best.

Sherry Moore more than 4 years ago

Keep keepin' on

Sherry- what important work. It must be rewarding to see adults working to change their own narrative. Thank you for what you and your teachers do, and for taking the time to share your thoughts!

Molly Skawski more than 4 years ago

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