The New Social Worker reviews Deviate From Denial: Erasing the Stigma of Addiction and Recovery Through Inspirational Stories Read more

Reviews & Commentary

World Change-Maker is a clearly written book that will be helpful to social workers, social work students, social work educators, and social work clients. Read The New Social Worker’s review. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Support yourself

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On this World Kindness Day, acknowledge that disenfranchised grief exists in the social work profession. Self-kindness can effectively combat professional challenges and prevent burnout for social workers. Read more


In this episode of Conversations on Social Work Careers, Your Social Work Career Coach Jennifer Luna shares practical expert tips for keeping your social work career fresh and building your social work legacy. Read more


Sometimes, we need to pause for a period of time to reflect, recharge, revise, re-vision, rest, re-set, re-re whatever needs to be “re”ed. Dr. Erlene Grise-Owens is taking a pause. Will you? Read more

Self Care

With the democratization of social media, we are seeing both efforts to create social justice space online and pushback against social justice allies. This essay summarizes some weaponizing tactics and offers solutions for countering them. Read more


Maternal health

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The maternal mortality rate is showing increase in the U.S. with evidence of racial disparities. Pertaining to maternal health equity, what will you do to promote social justice? Read more


The God Committee follows deliberations of a hospital transplant committee making a difficult decision. With all of its flaws, it brings attention to issues that are important to social workers and could be used as a starting point for discussion. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Our culture’s implicit and explicit curricula socialize and reward learning how to “not quit.” With this cultural saturation, we internalize that quitting is bad. We aren’t taught the knowledge, skills, nor value of how to quit. Read more

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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OCD is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. People with OCD cannot tolerate doubt. A thought just like any other thought comes into our head. The difference between a person with OCD and one without is in the reaction to the thought content. Read more


In this episode of Conversations on Social Work Careers, Your Social Work Career Coach Jennifer Luna talks with Allison Peeler, LMSW, an award-winning communications professional and Licensed Master Social Worker. Read more



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COVID lockdown forced many social workers to integrate telehealth into their practice, but not much has been written about the mechanics. Here are tips to help you with familiar and unfamiliar platforms, plus the nuts and bolts of needed hardware. Read more


For some in the Latinx community who have been taught to work hard, slowing down and taking care of oneself is seen as devaluing one’s self-worth. It’s imperative that self-care not be limited to a mainstream privileged lens. Read more

Self Care

If you are a field instructor in a hospital setting, here’s my recommendation: assign The Emergency to your student. If you’re a social work student or a new social worker in the hospital environment, seek this book out. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Your Name Here

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Names capture the essence of who we are. They matter not only for the transgender and nonbinary communities but also for people in a variety of situations for whom a legal name or birth name may not be their true chosen name. Read more


Career sleepwalking is characterized by inaction and/or lack of inspiration and motivation about your career. Without intervention, it can have detrimental consequences for your social work practice, our organizations, and our communities. Read more

Self Care

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