Medical use of marijuana (MuM) is legal in many states. Yet, it is prohibited by federal law. What is the social worker’s role with clients for whom MuM may be beneficial? Read more


Have you thought about taking on a social work student in your agency? A great agency field experience takes planning, careful interviewing, connections with nearby schools of social work, and careful integration of social work competencies. Read more

Field Placement

Start your social work job search now, make adjustments for unique situations, and be flexible. Read more


Much has been written on the effects of sexual abuse on the primary victim. Less has been written on the effects on the family members of survivors, such as siblings. A case study illustrates these effects. Read more


Podcasts promote storytelling and lived experiences, are accessible, and integrate easily into learning management systems. They can be used in class discussions, writing assignments, and assessments. Read more

, Tech

Regulatory boards consider four factors when issuing social work licenses: education, moral character, an exam that measures entry-level competence, and supervised experience. The first in a series by ASWB on social work licensing issues. Read more

Education & Credentials 7 Comments

Becky Corbett pays tribute to her colleague, mentor, and friend, Elizabeth J. “Betsy” Clark, with five lessons learned. Read more


What does it mean when work, home, parenting, care-giving, and self-care all happen in the same place? What happens to our sense of self? New challenges are apparent, and the future is unknown. Read more


The New Social Worker's book review of Sex-Positive Social Work Read more

Reviews & Commentary

The New Social Worker's book review of United States Income, Wealth, Consumption, and Inequality. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

The New Social Worker's book review of Social Work, Criminal Justice, and the Death Penalty. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

The New Social Worker magazine is seeking entries for its Social Work Month Project 2021. Get full details on submission requirements. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2021

Waking Up

Photo credit: Dr. Lisa Baron

My client was talking about feeling isolated, numb, and wanting to return to “normal.” While I understood and supported her desire, I remembered her prior “normal.” I asked, “Are you sure you want to go back to your life just as it was before?” Read more

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