Nature and COVID

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"As I write, scientists tell us the pandemic is now endemic—a permanent viral resident, preventable and treatable. This reminds me to make the self-care lessons learned, to love nature actively and embrace my mortality, endemic to my future." Read more

Self Care

The pandemic has opened our minds to new ways of working. Is it time to consider a career move? Deciding to leave your job is an emotional decision. Make sure that you have given yourself plenty of time to think about it and make the best choice. Read more

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Our host Jennifer Luna is joined by Cindy Snell from the Boston College School of Social Work and Michelle Woods of the University of Michigan School of Social Work. Join them as they discuss the HOT social work job market of 2022. Read more


The model minority myth has drawn lines between Asian Americans and other communities of color, making Asian Americans the “others” who do not need support. Social workers need to be aware of the growing and varying needs among Asian Americans.. Read more


Erlene asked, “What have you learned about self-care during COVID that you want to continue?” Responses are both deeply reflective and profoundly pragmatic. Here's what people said. Read more

Self Care

Jordan has a mental illness. Continue Breathing follows the character through his struggles as he develops symptoms, first seeks help, becomes stabilized, becomes hospitalized, and falters along the way. Read The New Social Worker’s review. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

You are the embodiment of all we hope social workers will be—caring professionals who are known for their warmth, empathy, and genuineness. Congratulations, graduates! We are honored to call you colleagues in the ever-evolving social work profession. Read more

Education & Credentials

As a school social worker, have you ever perceived yourself as a leader in promoting racial equity? Consider current interventions your school system may be using. In what ways can you build upon those efforts? Read more


Eco anxiety

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Signs of climate change are hard to ignore. Nature therapy, narrative therapy, and other techniques can give hope to clients who are experiencing climate grief or eco-anxiety. Read more


The Dead Weight won 3rd place in the University of Iowa's 2022 National Poetry Contest for Social Workers. Read more

Creative Work

someday this pain will be useful to you won 2nd place in the University of Iowa's 2022 National Poetry Contest for Social Workers. Read more

Creative Work

Co-Pay by Devin Dierks won 1st Place in the University of Iowa's 2022 National Poetry Contest for Social Workers. Read more

Creative Work

Social Workers Are Human. As such, we must attend to our human-ness. This need is even more crucial when we’re engaged with human dynamics that require intense engagement, empathy, and advocacy. Read more

, Self Care

When Social Workers Lobby in COVID-y Times of Injustice, a poem written by Susan Mankita, LCSW, inspired by the NASW 2021 Social Work Month theme “Social Workers are Essential.” Read more

Creative Work

Library Social Work Collaboration

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As library social work grows, it is vital to dispel the myth that social workers or librarians must be embedded in the same organization to accomplish desired outcomes. Although a viable choice, much can be done through project-based collaboration. Read more


Your Social Work Career Coach Jennifer Luna interviews Dr. Octavious Bishop on social work in sports, inclusion, entrepreneurship, and more! He shares his experience and views on working with student athletes and working at “eye level.” Read more

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