An October 2020 decision, since reversed, would have allowed licensed social workers in Texas to discriminate, even though such discrimination is in violation of the NASW Code of Ethics. Read more

Ethics 2 Comments

Being a student during the COVID-19 pandemic presented difficulty in finding an on-site field experience. It was time to consider something different—a 100% remote placement. Read more

Field Placement 1 Comments

Although a macro social work job search may seem daunting, remember that macro skills span across all areas of practice and spill over into non-traditional roles. The more research you do, the more opportunities you will find. Read more


One aspect of cultural humility is the notion of being teachable, that in order to practice with the greatest amount of respect, I need to be open to the possibility that what I thought was true or right might not be the whole story. Read more

Practice 1 Comments

Amid COVID-19, a training was held to train participants in virtual community organizing. Read more


A social work clinician with little time for reading, much less writing, can save time by focusing on four areas in a literature search. Read more


There is a blueprint for each ASWB exam based on a comprehensive process that aims to ensure that the test measures what a candidate needs to know to enter social work practice. Read more

Education & Credentials

Free and inexpensive apps provide ways for new social work grads to stay connected and on track. Read more


Book review of Practicing Forgiveness: A Path Toward Healing Read more

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