In Essential Ethics for Social Work Practice, Barsky discusses the intent of the text as providing concise guidance for generalist level practitioners. He upholds this assertion throughout the text. Read our review. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Mental health crisis system

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Our nation has criminalized mental illness. To ensure people are served by the mental health system, not public safety or emergency departments, requires social workers to champion the importance of building the full continuum of crisis services. Read more


Technology Landscape

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TikTok. Hashtags. Biometrics. Digital literacy, digital responsibility, digital ethics. Feeling lost in the ever-changing tech landscape and how it relates to your social work practice? Join us on a quick ride through the landscape of #SWTech. Read more



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What’s your guiding self-care question? Typically, we assume answers are the most aspect of life. But questions matter more. Mind your P’s…and Q’s! Here’s a sampling of 11 questions to spark ideas for your personalized one. Read more

Self Care

Racial Healing

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The National Day of Racial Healing is January 17, 2023. Let us build on our strengths as professional social workers to help usher in social change for social justice this year. Read more


What do you want to be known for? In this episode of Conversations on Social Work Careers, Jennifer Luna has a lively conversation with Harleny Vasquez about ways social workers can take control of their professional brands. Read more


Woman with dog and phone

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What helped our tech columnist get through pandemic lockdown? Technology, of course, including reading and listening apps, cooking tech, Alexa, and others. And now that lockdown is over, the same tech continues to add value to everyday life. Read more


Anthony Estreet To Be Next CEO of National Association of Social Workers

Anthony Estreet, a professor and former chair of the Master of Social Work program at Morgan State University and CEO of a behavioral health company in Baltimore, will be the new chief executive officer of the National Association of Social Workers. Read more

Social Work News

Self-Care Ps

Illustration credit: Larry Owens

A winter pause inspired some P’s and Q’s that can deepen and strengthen our self-care. Here, Erlene considers 5 P’s. Her next post will discuss Q’s of self-care, i.e., asking critical, clarifying key Questions. Read more

Self Care 2 Comments

Back to School Cost

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Pursuing a doctoral level degree in social work can increase a person’s income. Having more income is great, but is that a true reason to pursue an advanced degree? Ask yourself these four questions before you decide. Read more

Education & Credentials

Despite not being written by social workers or from their perspectives, Career Self-Care is an invaluable resource for us because of its practical and interdisciplinary nature. Read The New Social Worker’s review of Career Self Care. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

In this episode of Conversations on Social Work Careers, Your Social Work Career Coach Jennifer Luna interviews Becky Morales, LCSW-S. Have you thought about changing careers into private practice? Becky is in private practice and MORE. Read more


The 2022 series, A League of Their Own, is an enriching, must-see comedy drama highlighting the cost of prejudice and cruel societally imposed restrictions, set against the backdrop of women’s sports in the 1940s. Read the review. Read more

Reviews & Commentary 1 Comments

Pat Libby has provided individuals with a “roadmap” to the process of lawmaking with her book The Empowered Citizens Guide: 10 Steps To Passing a Law That Matters to You. Read The New Social Worker's book review. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Your Next Step

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Across the U.S., we have seen a surge in jobs for social workers in 2022. Opportunities have increased in terms of number of jobs available, salaries, sign-on bonuses, and working conditions. Read more

Careers 1 Comments

The New Social Worker reviews Deviate From Denial: Erasing the Stigma of Addiction and Recovery Through Inspirational Stories Read more

Reviews & Commentary

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