Ethics Alive! The Ethics of SocBots: Imagining Siri and Alexa as the Next Generation of Social Workers

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AI and empathy

AI has progressed and is a good tool for social workers to consider. However, AI is only as good as its programmers and database. Out of date data or biased data are a huge concern. Social workers are not likely involved in the programming. We already rely more on AI than we are aware via social media shaping thoughts and politics. Check out Jun Wu's article about AI and empathy from a couple of years ago - - good thoughts and questions.

Hank Cecil more than 1 year ago

Comment re SocBots

Love the idea of SocBots for vulnerable populations with limited social/emotional supports. As an independent 77 yr. old retired social worker, I can imagine having a SocBot as an empathic, knowledgeable companion.

Rebecca Garrison more than 1 year ago

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