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Equine internship

I am in graduate school for social work and I have been looking for an equine internship. I live in Lanesboro, MA. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Tracy McManmon 169 days ago

Equine training

I had gone to a training that sparked my interest in this as well at aUNH Brown Ctr in 2008. I would likewise like to find more structured certificate program about how to further pursue this. If you have learned more please let me hear from you

Beverly Schaffer 150 days ago

To Mrs. McMamon

Go to there's and just look around the site. Possibly hook up with a center and use your internship as part of teaching hrs for getting your TRI ( theraputic riding instructor) certification or for your ESML (equine specialist ) work. Good luck! If you can afford to go to workshops and conferences... Great networking tools! Keep up the good work!

D. Moore 100 days ago

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