Winter 2010

The opportunities for gerontological social workers seem extensive. As we devote our talents to health and homeostasis of every system, let us remember a poignant one liner of George Burns, a most famous and clever centagenerian: “I look to the Read more

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Conducting research provides students a potential method for learning and exploring a topic of interest. A Foundation of Human Services Honors class did just that: they learned about and explored a topic of interest—the impact of divorce. Read more


Biblio/poetry therapy, one of the creative arts therapies, is the use of the written word (although it may be read out loud) to bring healing and personal growth. Read more


In many ways, graduate school has passed very quickly. At other times, especially when we’re in the thick of it, it has felt as if it would never end. During the fall, when we were working on our research assignment, a single subject design project Read more

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Therapeutic riding is a great way to see remarkable changes in social work clients. Many social workers are now looking to alternative methods to assist our clients. One remarkable program that is yielding phenomenal results is therapeutic horseback Read more

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A professor I once knew posted a sign on his door that read: “People going through this door bring joy—some by coming in, others by leaving.” As a field practicum student, which are you? Do you face the opportunity as one of joy? Will your field Read more

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