Social Worker, Singer/Songwriter Edd Donovan Releases New Songs

House on Fire/The Social Worker inspired by experience as mental health social worker


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I remember that

That's exactly what it was like working for CPS.

Linda Brown more than 7 years ago

Perfect understatement

Love the pitch of the song. It has a gentle sense of looming oblivion, greeted with a soft smile and dutiful work ethic, all clothed in a slightly (and deliberately) weakened, tremulous voice. I know this because in his other songs he takes on a full on Dylanesque jollity which can belt out some true angst and humour with a far sharper, accusatory tone to it. I hope he goes very far indeed- other songs are excellent. See for example

Ozzy B more than 7 years ago

Perfectly stated and pitched, thank you!

Thanks again!

Edd Donovan more than 7 years ago


Sounds lovely, but I think my sound would have a little more anger behind it, lol. Maybe death metal :)

Jennifer Williamson more than 7 years ago

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