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SW poem

That's why I was a terrible county employee - was always behind in paperwork by months!!! I got in trouble because my productivity was sometimes over 100%. I just couldn't spend my time completing pointless paperwork when my "kids" were in trouble or suffering.

Nikki Gillen Sanders more than 8 years ago

SW poem

Nikki~ No one can! It's an impossible task! Too few people to do too many cases, meetings, court hearings, home visits, school visits, day care visits, phone calls, transportation, crisis responses, removing children, applications for foster care, court reports, dictations, risk assessments, case plans, investigations, travel, training, "mandatory whatevers," fire drills, paperwork, supervised visitations, doctor visits, therapy visits, emails, lists, interstate compacts, search for resources, in house requests for resources, being SW on call, having to be two or more places at the same time due to others' schedule changes, doing others cases due to extremely high turnover rate, etc. etc. etc. Yet, I LOVED my work and I LOVED my people!
It's the in house hoops to jump through daily that wear a SW out. When will someone streamline the system and budget for an appropriate number of CPS Social Workers.

Joan Riley more than 8 years ago

SW Poem

Hi, I love the poem. It's so fitting. But the system will not streamline until our State legislatures and Governors make it a priority and Social Service Workers speak up and make know of the challenges and how the children and families are affected by all the challenges workers endure. I agree, the system is very ineffective at times and in some areas, but until we speak up, there will be no change

sara sandford more than 8 years ago

I completely understand!

I am a foster care social worker and I am in the same boat Nikki. There is never enough time to get all the paperwork done. It's next to impossible.

Jessica more than 8 years ago

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