The Magnificence of the Social Work Profession

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Beautiful poem!

This exactly why I love social work!

Robbie Singh more than 3 years ago


Love the whole dialogue!

Loi more than 8 years ago

social work

Gratifying , challenging, and rewarding on daily basis, what more can we ask for.....!

Renee more than 8 years ago

Making a difference

Ahhhhh, a platform to make a difference everyday and every time.... What more could a person ask for in a job and get paid to do it??!

Shelly Estrada more than 8 years ago

Poem on social work

Great Words here for sure

Tasha more than 8 years ago


Great poem and congratulations on graduating!

Yonnie more than 8 years ago


This is beautiful. I find that this is true of all helping professions - "you live and die for the things that you consider important, you live and die for enhancing humanity and renovating society." - We should all be our clients advocates. It's amazing when you find something that you care so much about, to know you've made a stance for change, and will fight endlessly to make a difference. It is an honor to work with individuals like you that are so driven and who believe so deeply in what they do. Thank you.

Carolina Hernandez Dulcey more than 8 years ago


Estoy muy orgullosa, porque ratificas, tu Amor por la profesion, por el convencimiento, de que si todas las personas nos unimos, podemos lograr un mejor mundo: La fraternidad , la honestidad y la colaboración nos ayudaran a lograr ese objetivo tan esperado, Siempre he visto que con tu formacion, tu pensamiento,tu preocupacion por los seres humanos seras una excelente Profesional.

Angela Maria Palacio Valencia more than 8 years ago

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