What Social Work Means to Me

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Instead of the Big Muddy of the 60s & 70s

I spent 28 years as an SCW working for the state of Massachusetts----if it wasn't for the SCW union they had there I never would have kept my job and finally make it to retirement years.

My primary focus was with servicing clients (all female mothers with dependent children)--we were heavily dependent on federal $$$ to adequately fund a very large statewide program for housing & food needs for the single parent & her children, daycare costs, etc.

The Federalies also heavily funded college & trade school money (Pell Grants), as well as the day care
to enable the (mostly) young women to attend college or trade school venues.

I pushed every one of my woman clients into the college programs to get the minimum 2-year associates degree, but preferably the Bachelor's 4-year degree via the "Pell Grant"----this would qualify them for a good-paying career----we always found a way to get them the money for the 2-year graduate school if they wanted an advanced degree, while they continued working-----all of these motivated young woman said "goodbye" very quickly to the public dole and became self-sufficient for themselves and their children.

Edward Donahue more than 2 years ago

A Student Veteran in Social Work

As a female Veteran with service connected disability, I ended up working in the non-profit, human services field with different types of experience. With one prior degree in church work, I ended up in the MSW program as a Veteran in graduate Social Work school. I ended up seeing the professionalism, and recieved assistance from amazing social workers of all types, so I ended up backing into the social work profession, but I have ended up loving the social work profession, and know full well that both experience with clients, and what we learn in class both have places in this amazing historically beautiful field called social work. Hopefully you are having a good social work month.

Heidi Olsen more than 7 years ago

Continue to be resilient!

Awesome social work story! I can relate - social work is my way of life. I also agree that being resilient and nurturing resilience in those we help is of vital importance. Also practicing self-care regularly and having a social work mentor as you progress in your career helps to prevent burnout.

Susan Paul more than 7 years ago

Well done!

I agree wholeheartedly! The ability to help others is both a privilege and a blessing. Working as a helping professional/ social worker has given so much back to me!

Susan Gallardo, LCSW more than 7 years ago


Proud of you, Holli! Great Article!

Ann Crandell-Williams more than 7 years ago


This article embodies everything that I feel and felt when I first started in this field! Beautifully written, I can feel your passion Holli! Welcome to our wonderfully dynamic profession!!

Rebecca Corpas-Galisa, LSW more than 7 years ago

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