Maybe - To My Social Work Colleagues

A message from National Association of Social Workers President Kathryn Conley Wehrmann

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Social Work Profession

I hope the leaders who also run social work organizations here in our country is also as dedicated in encouraging their colleagues. I hope that they would bring out the best in our profession as change agents and the people would acknowledge that, not as relief provider during times of disaster. Social work is a noble profession and advocacies like this answer the questions of some who do not know about the profession even to those who are social workers themselves. Thank you.

Lovely more than 3 years ago

Social Work Profession

I just wanted to comment on the article. I am recent BSW graduate and have been working at the local hospital for the past 6 years as a Medical Assistant, and saw the need for a Social Worker in the PCP area. I presented my vision to the Executive Director and she was very on board. I found out two weeks ago that the Chief Medical Officer also thought this was a good idea and approved the position. I am very excited to be able to advocate for the patients in my community.

Carole Kitchen more than 4 years ago


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