Reflections With a Forecast: Social Workers Must Take the Lead in Achieving Equality for All

A Social Work Month Message From NASW Vice President, Mit Joyner

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Professor Joyner's continuing influence

Thirty years ago when I was an undergraduate student in one of Professor Joyner's classes, I had no idea of the effect of her words and instruction on my future life. I had no idea that I would become a child welfare social worker and eventually return two years ago to attain my MSW degree. Just as she did all those years ago, I am amazed that Professor Joyner continues to push us-as students and as social workers. Historically, social workers have been at the forefront of social justice and social changes. She has just reminded us of our roles. Bravo!

Donna Wimberly-Wyche more than 4 years ago

Thank You

As a current MSW, I find your words poignant, rallying, appropriate, life affirming and they remind me why I chose social work. Thank you for reminding us that social justice is not simply something we do from 9-5, but something we must live, speak and continuously battle for whenever and wherever there is injustice.

Hope Artis more than 4 years ago

Social Workers- get involved in Social Justic

Thank you, Mit Joyner, for addressing this. Our Code of Ethics emphasizes action to advance social justice- not just in our client populations, but in other groups whose lives depend on it. I would personally be happy to see more social workers attend the recent rallies (Black Lives Matter, MeToo, and March to End Gun Violence). I would also like for us to look toward advancing direct services and policies that are favorable to populations that are hidden from view, such as individuals with intellectual disabilities. Thanks again for the insightful call to action.

Adrienne Decker Delgado more than 4 years ago


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