Social Workers’ Role in Combating Slavery-to-Prison Pipeline

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As an LCSW in State of Florida, I cannot underscore enough what you have written. I contract in a S3 Psych level Institution to provide Out Patient Mental Health Services. Given the prison system is the only entity In the US that does not have external auditing or accountability parameter. I see firsthand the harsh, disproportionate sentences given, the inhuman conditions and often violent actions from those who are there to provide safety of individuals Incarcerated.
It’s time for Social Workers to get active in Social Justice! It is difficult, depending on what state you are in to get in a very closed and corrupt system. Once in, you will not be able to turn a blind eye to our professional and moral obligation to the “forgotten” individuals incarcerated, as we would not tolerate it with any other group.
Nor would we ignore our Code of Ethics.
Thank you for highlighting this area!

Colleen Mayo Friedman more than 2 years ago


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