One Social Worker Can Make a Difference - Supporting Nontraditional Students

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nontraditional student maybe?

hello, i am 51 years old and i want to become a social worker but i am fearing that my age will be a factor in pursuing my dream of that and also the negative feedback i have gotten so far is really bothersome. How do i overcome the negativity and just pursue it?

claudia r stubbs bynum alston more than 6 years ago

Returning to school

Claudia, we recently published an article about returning to school. You can read it at: more than 6 years ago

Nontraditional student

I could relate to your article because I was a nontraditional student in my MSW program. I quickly learned that many of us were. some of us bonded during that 2 year span to help each other get through the process. Our professors were very mindful of the needs of nontraditional students, a few of which completed the program in previous years. Designing a program that meets the needs of all students is very important in order to produce positive outcomes. I wish you continued success in the field.

Tiffany Thompson, MSW more than 6 years ago


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