Too Smart To Be a Social Worker?

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Old Myth about Socual Work

Unfortunately, the idea that social workers don't have to be smart is an old one. When I decided to get my MSW, I was told that it wasn't really a profession, like the law, and it just required a strong heart, not smarts. I guess old myths die hard. We need to be smart, analytical, possess emotional intelligence, and compassion for others. I am also proud to have chosen this path. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy Miringoff more than 6 years ago

4.0 Here Too

Thank you for a needed post. I too excel in school and am proud of my 4.0 GPA. Being an effective social worker requires many talents and knowledge of many different aveneues. It also requires advocacy as well as participation in issues of social justice. For me, there is no better place for my brains, and heart, than in helping others.

Catherine more than 6 years ago

Smarty Pants

Social workers need to be smart to be critical thinkers. Problems don't solve themselves and people count on us for answers. I am an LSW about to graduate with my graduate degree. Keep at it. I look forward to being your colleague!

Christine Peters more than 6 years ago

Juris Doctorate/MSW programs

SBU has a dual degree
Lawyer/ Social worker...

Deb more than 6 years ago

Dual degrees

Many schools have dual degree programs in which students can get a social work degree along with another degree. Social work is not a "lesser" degree and does not require any less intelligence than other degrees. more than 6 years ago


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