What Is Hope?

A School Social Work Week message from Rebecca Oliver, Executive Director of the School Social Work Association of America

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I truly appreciate hearing this! As a School Social worker myself, sometimes the stuff is not that supportive. I always keep in mind that I am there to assist the children and through God's Grace I was Blessed with the opportunity to make that difference. It took the Principal and HOD to make the younger staff understand that a students mental health is the foundation to settings their academic structure. Bless their Hearts for wanting to make a difference where they can.

I am employed by my schools governing Body and my salary is not worth my degree and I HOPE the department of Social Development and Education do their part by employing more School Social Workers and giving them the Salaries We deserve!!!

As a School Social Worker we do Prevention and Early Intervention!!!

Does that not mean anything????

Tiffany 316 days ago


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