Video: Find Your Voice, Connect Micro and Macro on Lobby Day

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I found it rather inspiring this video specially for me who is quite assertive and vocal about my rights as a person and as a social worker to uplift the lives of my clientele groups. I am also interested on how we can lobby our advocacy for the greater service of our clients in need especially when it comes to working towards a broader change from the local to the national level. Thank you for this very insightful video.

Lourdes Varron more than 8 years ago

You Are Welcome :)

Thank you for commenting and I am grateful to have inspired you. The most important step you can take is to know who your legislators are and share and advocate for your clients needs and your ability to meet their needs whether it is through a letter or a phone call or a knock at their door. Share and spread the inspiration to stay connected :)

Michele Sevigny more than 8 years ago

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