5 Salary Negotiation Strategies for Social Workers

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SW salary negotiations

It still infuriates me when I hear some of the salaries social workers are accepting. The Schools of Social Work and NASW need to do more for grads as far as career planning and development information
I am 53 years as a practicing social worker mostly in health care, long term care and protective services. Licensing came about in my state in the early 80’s. I was a labor rep for Seiu in the early 70’s and that began my advocacy career for clients but also the workers,
When I was a protective service worker I encountered some of the most dangerous situations that I was right smack dab in the middle of . That was when I would on rare occasions ask the local police for help. It was also when I realized I should be paid at least what these officers were making and access to similar benefits that they received!
Moved out of the danger of protective, into medical social work . Accidentally one day saw a salary range on an Administrators desk and was appalled the social workers made much less than the therapists, dietitians and most others. I could go on but from that moment forward I let all my supervisees know they needed to ask for better compensation . HR didn’t call it a raise there was a euphemistic name for it I can’t recall. Salary adjustment ?I think. I also advised them that they could negotiate vacation time or even a work schedule that meant they could possibly leave @ three if they had kids.
The biggest benefit that Social Workers bring to the workplace is their expertise and ability to solve problems that would otherwise be turfed to Legal @ $350+ dollars per hour! This applies to all avenues of Social Work and the wise boss knows this and will show appreciation with a fair salary. Always be prepared with examples
walk away if you must.

Jill Tapper LICSW 158 days ago

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