5 Ways To Ace Your Social Work Job Interview

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Great Tips

These tips are so helpful! I have always been chosen to interview, but never get the jobs. I will practice using these tips. Thank you very much!

Sharon O more than 3 years ago

Massive Thanks!

This was eerily well timed! And it helped focus me to get the job! I am grateful for the great advice <3

Kristie ashe more than 5 years ago

Huge grammatical error

You wrote "communicate how you effectively diffused the situation", that means you're spreading the situation. I believe you wanted to write defuse. You wrote the opposite of what your intention was.

Keefe more than 5 years ago


Thank you for your comment. "Defuse" does mean, literally, to remove a fuse from (as in an explosive), and is often used in the context of "defusing" a situation. However, several sources say that a situation can also be "diffused," with the definition being to weaken or make less intense. (See American Heritage Dictionary at ahdictionary.com, OxfordDictionaries.com.)

SocialWorker.com more than 5 years ago


I agree that defusing the situation would be the appropriate term to use.

Crystal more than 5 years ago

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