There IS a Job Market for BSW Graduates

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I finished my BA this spring. I am still struggling to get a job. So far, two rejection!!! Others I never heard back from. You can't just get a BA in Social Work and expect a job in any subjects. A BA is broad, but where you have the advantage is where you completed your internship, previous experiences, your own knowledge of different services, and if you are willing to move to where the the jobs are. You need the internship, courses, and experience to back it up. One of my two rejections, was in a children services. I did not take courses in children services, thus barely have the advantage in comparison to other candidates. I spent my time volunteering with the elders and my internship was with an agency that advocate and outreach about CalFresh. So far, I can't find job opening in agency serving the elders, and can't complete well with other who have experience when it comes to county positions.

I am quite stress, and feel that I will have to take a minimum wage job while slowly navigating my way around. Most job opening are looking for a Master in Social Work with license to backup. I can only cross my finger and hope that the other two jobs I applied for right now will be the one.

Moua Xiong more than 5 years ago

Not in my case..

I completed my internship for my BSW in April of this year. Graduated in May, and was hired in June. I am currently a child welfare social worker, level 4. I have no prior experience, other than my internship. I am also making close 50k, which will increase after my first year. I do not have my MSW, and if I can continue to move up in this profession w/o one, I do not intend on obtaining one. Do not give up!

Kris more than 5 years ago


Where did you study ? I mean which college.. i am confused every1 says its useless to study bsw no future could you please help me.

Alka more than 5 years ago


I did my masters in social work from India. Got my certifications on casw and oasw. Still looking for a job. Can you please guide me to know how can I start my career in social work.

Emmanuel Joseph cyriac more than 4 years ago

Reply to Emmanuel Joseph

That is a big question. A lot depends on what type of setting you want to work in, where you want to work, and so forth. We have a lot of articles on our site about job search and career development. You can find them at: more than 4 years ago

BSW is not worth the money or time!

Going to school for a BSW is a waste. The Social Work profession only promotes jobs for MSW. I am a recent BSW graduate and it is very embarrassing to me that I spend my time and money going to school with no decent job prospect unless I spend additional money for MSW. I love helping people, but I cannot help if I am in the line needing help myself.

Terryann more than 5 years ago

So true

i completely agree! this was a total waste of time for me. You cant make decent money til you get a MSW and even with experience, your salary with a BSW is pathetic. I am a a single mother and it is devasting to know I wasted all this time

mich more than 5 years ago

Valuable skills and knowledge

Finding a job can be a challenge at any level, and the job seach process can get discouraging. It is possible to do well at the BSW level, though. The job title isn't always necessarily "social worker," but there are many jobs in which the skills and knowledge you learned will be very valuable. I wish you well in your search. more than 5 years ago


I've been working in the behavioral health field since 2002 with a BSW. A degree from a accredited college is required. I live in AZ which is now a state requiring a license.
Employers want a LMSW.
I have student loans so high I could buy a house. For what it has cost me I wish I researched the field in more depth. At 59 going back to school is a scary thought. What to do with a BSW .. Nursing degree.. start as NA and start all over again. Becoming a therapist, many, many wonderful therapist are into the field. I love behavioral health, trying to stop the stigma & to assist clients to be successful land integrate into communities. Is my job, but the field needs resources, education, less fear to the public. I'm open for ideas.
I'm working to expand my knowledge, what direction would be the best for all

Kristie more than 5 years ago

Yea...but don't give up

"I love helping people, but I cannot help if I am in the line needing help myself," I felt this all the time as I went through the BSW program. Now, It is even worst as I find trying to get hire is harder than I assume. Either I settle for a 11-13 dollars clerical position (potentially part-time), if I am that lucky, or go back to college for a master.

I know first impression and selling is everything when it comes to getting hired. I tried the best I could, but if employers don't give you a chance how else would you ever get anywhere? I can only keep crossing my finger that each time I go to an interview I learn something, improve, and learn to sell myself much better next time. At least I know my resume is top notch. Either I need to improve my interview skills, there is a lack of market where I am, or I am competing against better candidates. Sometimes I do question myself if it is me or the market. There are indeed a lot of factors.

Perhaps you may want to expand where you are willing to move? Take on a minimum wage jobs and wait for the opportunity?

Moua Xiong more than 5 years ago

i have dream to work hard with respectful salary

suggest me a good job please

Pavithra v more than 8 years ago

Social Work Nepal

We are in critical condition in nepal. We are not getting proper job of BSW. So how to create job? Give us your suggestions

Ganesh Budha more than 8 years ago

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