Impersonating a Social Worker

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Good for you!

I really enjoyed your article! I am sure you are an AMAZING SOCIAL WORKER!!!

Jenny more than 8 years ago

Thank you

As a LMSW (earned in my 50's) and my BSW (earned in my 40's) I can appreciate your article more than you know. It was terribly hard to go to college for the first time in my 40's but as a single mom, I had to wait until my children had grown and gone, I worked hard through breast cancer and double mastectomy along with a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina and the loss of my home, all while attending classes. I take great offense that all my efforts and sacrifice is often denigrated by "like" degreed persons who think that anyone can do social work. Thank you for your candid assertion that you too, once believed the same. I appreciate that you have found that those of us who sacrificed and earned the degree to be called a Social Worker, are the only ones deserving of the title. I hope that one day, as with nursing, plumbers and dentist, the leaders in the NASW follow in the footsteps of nursing to ensure our professional boundaries regarding this issue.

Liz Zimmerman more than 8 years ago

Leaving work to go to school

Thank you for sharing! Were you able to balance going back to school and working? If you were not able to work full time, how was that transition for you? I'm currently facing that decision, to stop working full time to pursue my MSW. I wish there was another way around it, but I agree I want to enjoy the journey and not rush too much. I am a bit anxious to get the degree already and worry about managing living expenses while going to school. Thanks!

Grace more than 8 years ago

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