Job-Seeking Strategies for the Nontraditional Social Work Student

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Non-traditional student

Agism is real. I live in Los Angeles and am challenged by the flooding of social workers into the area by the university programs (USC, UCLA, CSUN, CSLB, CSDH, CSLA, to mention a few). USC alone, as reported to me, graduated close to a 1000 MSW students this year. Everyone is looking for talented, young workers and the field of Social Work is no exception!

Lori more than 5 years ago

Non-Traditional Student

I just graduated with my MSW at age 58 (major mid-life crisis/change) and am hoping that someone sees beyond my age and hires me in my new chosen field of medical social work but we'll have to see........

Eve Patrice Hauser more than 5 years ago


Three years later, I’m curious how things have gone for you. Have you found a job you enjoy?

Faith Clark more than 1 year ago

reply to Faith

Hi, Faith. I don't know if Eve will see this, but if not, maybe someone in a similar situation will answer! more than 1 year ago

Non-traditional student

I graduated with my MSW in 2015 at 40 and I found it nearly impossible to get a job in the field. So, I accepted a job at my alma mater. I have seen lots of advice, but trying those suggestions did not work for me. Having factors against you such as age, race, gender, and lack of experience in the field trump all of the suggestions I have seen in my situation. Hopefully once I receive my CSW or perhaps my PhD, things will be different. Until then, I will have to wait it out.

T.T. more than 6 years ago

Reply to Non-Traditional Student

This is horrible to read ..

Aris Drayton-Vaughan more than 6 years ago

reply non-traditional student

T.T. i have to say i had the same experience. I eventually did get a job but it took a year of concentrated effort, hundred of applications, and finally accepting a position in a field very far from the field i wanted to work in. I did try to find information regarding work opportunities for older people graduating in Social Work before I retrained, but could not find any statistics or comments. I think its good to let people know how it really is for older people re-training in Social Work.

Annie Mark more than 6 years ago

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