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I always feel proud to be a Social Worker .

I completed my MSW in December 2019 and in process of registration.Although I haven't yet got any field to apply my knowledge in practical way , but whatever I am doing now I feel myself of being graduate of Social Work degree.. Hopefully one day I will be able to prove myself as a professional social worker.

Amrita more than 2 years ago

Proud I am!!

I am still and always will be a proud non-licensed MSW that is also a DSW student!!!! Although, i am studying to retake the licensing test again; I’m proud of being a social worker!!! Excellent Article!!!

Torri more than 2 years ago

Always proud!

I've never wavered in my pride about my chosen profession. I started out in psychology, but fortunately realized I wanted to do more, to help people in ways beyond that profession. I retired, but was coaxed out of retirement by the company for which I was doing bereavement and volunteer coordination. I'm now 75, in my second career in Social Work, and never prouder than I am now.

Lyn Shuler, BSW, MSW, LCSW more than 3 years ago

Non-social work profession

Great article! I’ve been struggling with this because I recently accepted a position that isn’t truly social work but that definitely has me utilizing my social work skills on a regular basis. I don’t think it’s really appropriate for me to be using my initials since I’m not practicing social work (though I am licensed) but I do mention my training when asked about my background. I’ve struggled a little with how to identify because I’m not truly doing social work and I’m working with families, including at least 3 home visits, and I know that hearing that title puts some people on the defensive. But it’s part of who I am and how I do my job. It’s not always easy to know how to identify.

Jennifer more than 3 years ago

Social worker

Being a social worker in the province of NB Canada means one has met the requirements of the NBASW and I am proud to say been a social worker for the past 33 years.. We need to continue to be proud of our profession and continue to be pro active in the use of the social worker protective title.. I encourage all social worker to be proud of their profession and keep advocating for social work title in 🇨🇦 Canada.
I have a BSW and am retiring but will continue to pay my dues wheather I am active ot a retired Member.

J Gautreau more than 3 years ago

Forever Proud Of Our Profession!!

Thank you Dr. Clark!!! I passionately share your sentiment!!!

Whenever I am afforded an opportunity to speak at a Social Work function (Especially with Students!!) I always end it by asking all Social Workers to Stand Up,
Then I ask them to repeat after me, to state “Say It Loud, Say It Proud ... I Am A Social Worker, And I Make A Difference!!!

I also many times not will read the Essay “What Social Workers Make”. Lastly I share snippets of my own personal experiences of how the Social Work Profession And Social Workers made a significant impact and difference I. My life at the early age of Three.

I will always identify as a Social Worker!!!

Silas W. Kelly, LMSW: “E-Journalism Social Work Advocate” more than 3 years ago

Forever Proud

What a great article. I find so much pride in being a social worker and even more so after obtaining my LCSW. I am so lucky to be able to do this job. #socialworkology

Stephanie more than 3 years ago

Proud to be a Social Worker!

Well said Elizabeth! I always introduce myself as a Social Worker first, title second. So proud of my profession!!

Stella Pappas, LCSW-R, ACSW more than 3 years ago

I am Pilar Gilbert, LBSW, currently working for a hospital as Admissions and Finance Coordinator (regular part-time), but I always say first to a patent/family members that I am a Social Worker by profession. I am always to be known as a Social Worker, I can a difference in people’s lives...

Educational article! I am always proud to be a Social Worker, my mother always said, I would be a great social worker and would be able to make a difference in prople’s Lived, especially the oppressed population. I am glad that I have pursued my social work career...

Pilar Gilbert more than 3 years ago

Always a Social Worker!

Fantastic article! I too always say that I am a Social Worker regardless of job title. My social work foundation of skills, knowledge and values has opened up so many doors for me.

Erica Martinez more than 3 years ago

Social Worker

Great article. I always say that I am a Social Worker when asked what I do. I may be a Social Worker who is currently doing Service Coordination, or Management, or Grant Writing, but I am always a Social Worker. I'm proud of my profession of 25 years and have never been made to feel like it needs to be hidden.

Kelly more than 3 years ago

Social Worker

Wonderful article. I love social work and really believe it embodies the type of person I am. I usually tell others I am a clinician but I need to go back saying "I am a Social Worker who does clinical work". I am proud of being in a profession as noble as "Social Work".

Stephanie more than 3 years ago

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