The Social Social Worker: 10 Tools for Successful Networking

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Dilemma of Following All Tips Above But Not Hearing Back From The Other Party

What is the value of networking when you follow all tips above with good follow up, interest and thanks, but the other party doesn't respond back or cannot do much to help get the job? Also, what to do when several people already have an edge from knowing somebody in the organization and only one can get the job?

Sam more than 7 years ago

Re: Networking Dilemma

“Networking is not about using people to help you find your next job. It is a two-way street and should be an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship.” If you are eager to have someone in your network but they don’t reciprocate then you need to move on. A relationship can’t start if the other person doesn’t respond. Do you really want someone in your network who doesn’t acknowledge you?

But if this person is willing to be in your network but “cannot do much to help you get the job” then maybe you shouldn’t be in their network. “Networking is not about using people to help you find your next job.” Many folks in my network will probably never be able to get me a job but I respect them and value their knowledge and experience and feel honored to be a part of their professional sphere.

If you are competing with people who have the same relationships with the organization as you then all you can do is let your experience and relationship with that organization speak for itself. Organizations want to hire people they know but also people who they know will do the job well.

Valerie Arendt more than 7 years ago

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