The Space Between Grief and Hope: A Graduating Senior’s Thoughts

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Right There with You

Wow! I am also supposed to graduate on May 9th and I have felt so cheated to not get so walk across the stage at graduation, celebrating that FINALLY I DID IT! But your perspective in this article just really shifted mine. I appreciate your and gracious and positive outlook at our current seemingly bleak state. I'm encouraged to be a new social worker after reading this! Thank you so much for that!

Stephanie 25 days ago

Remarkable Perspective

A remarkable article and insight from a remarkable young social worker. It demonstrates why social work is “the profession of hope.” Christine lets us know that the future of social work is in good hands.

Betsy Clark 34 days ago

Thank you

Thank you for reading, Betsy Clark! 33 days ago

Lived reality

Thank you for so eloquently sharing your experience and hope for days to come. Like you, I will not cross a stage and turn my tassel this spring. Still, I will officially graduate four days after my 50th birthday. What a gift to myself!! Returning to school 30 years post high school graduation was challenging. At times I wanted to quit. What drove me forward was the hope to help others through their difficulties, as social workers once helped me through grief, medical difficulties, and to.resolve past trauma.
My final assignment as a BSW candidate was turned in today. I smiled.
Covid-19 and stay at home mandates may affect graduate school. That's okay. They have only fueled the fire within: the calling to be there for others in need.

Rebekah f9d2 32 days ago

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