Ethics Alive! The NASW Code of Ethics and Other Social Work Obligations

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Social work

Who should abide by the base code of ethics

Edwina more than 6 years ago

Tennessee does hold social workers to the NASW Code of Ethics

The NASW Code of Ethics has been adopted by the State of Tennessee Board Of Social Worker Certification and Licensure (TN Code 1365-01-.10 Standards of Conduct), and states, “All licensees shall comply with the Code of Ethics adopted by the National Association of Social Workers.”

Robin Lennon-Dearing more than 9 years ago

Ethics as an everyday tool.

It has reaffirmed my belief that social work is as much a profession as a way of life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it was a great read and also a critical look into the idea that even though we are taught in theories that we, as social workers, play different roles that may collide I don't think we have been taught about how having those different roles doesn't mean we get to switch on and off our roles which means that we have to critically understand ethical issues, and be conscious of the steps we take as social workers.I think its important to understand that conflicts are normal, and we must develop our knowledge on issues regarding ethical issues and procedures.

Hanna more than 9 years ago

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