Ethical Exceptions for Social Workers in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Physical Distancing

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Additional ethics issues re COVID.

Please see the following link for an IFSW presentation on ethics in light of COVID from an international perspective.

Dr. Allan Barsky more than 1 year ago

Buffalo NY (Erie County) social workers endangering lives!!

My friend has social workers still visiting her home at the end of March in NY state. They go into her home with no masks and no gloves, and they do not respect social distancing. I think it is a CRIME, you people should be ashamed of yourself. If my friend and her disabled children get sick I am going to help them file a lawsuit against Erie County for every penny the county has left after this is over. SHAME!!!!

Cecilia more than 1 year ago

Wen is over


Laura more than 1 year ago

additional resources

Here are some additional resources for SWs re coronavirus from NASW:

Allan Barsky more than 1 year ago

additional resources

Very helpful article above. But Please enter the links in such as a way as they can be clicked and connected. This would be really helpful.
Currently I need to copy and paste the link in my browser to connect. Thanks.

Alice Williams, LMSW--MI more than 1 year ago

Links in comments

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, the comments section on this site does not make URLs into clickable links. more than 1 year ago

Managing exceptions to the rules

A thoughtful article filled with insights about minimizing risk - even when it's required to make exceptions to the rules, in social work. Thanks, Allan Barsky

Susan Mankita more than 1 year ago

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