Ethics Alive! Cultural Competence, Awareness, Sensitivity, Humility, and Responsiveness: What's the Difference?

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What about responsiveness...

I would be interested to also hear how cultural responsiveness compares and contrasts with the other terms.

Heather 95 days ago

Cultural Humility defined further

I attended a wonderful conference presentation at Oxford University with Dr. Roslynn Scott-Adams and Danielle Stokes from National Catholic University. They defined cultural humility in terms of committing to an ongoing relationship with patients/clients, and communities. They suggest further that humility involves a process of ongoing curiosity, self-reflection, and critique, challenges sociocultural mechanisms and injustices, and enables social workers to pursue a transformative agenda rather than reinforce the status quo. Any other thoughts?

Allan Barsky more than 2 years ago

Thank you

Dr. Barsky, thank you for this additional, deeper definition of cultural humility. more than 2 years ago

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