Ethics Alive: Special Report on the 2021 Revisions to the NASW Code of Ethics

New Language on Self-Care and Cultural Competence/Cultural Humility Takes Effect June 1, 2021

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Human rights

The changes to me seem largely individualistic. I have been writing to leaders of NASW for years hoping human rights would be in the next code of ethics. If it's there I could have missed it. Social justice isn't enough. All other codes of ethics I've checked have strong statements on social work and human rights.

Katherine S van Wormer 135 days ago


It's 2021 now, cis-gendered straight white males need to show humility. That apparently matters more than human rights. Whoever made these revisions want all social workers to become "antiracist" political activists. That simply isn't the most important thing to the vast majority of special populations that social workers help. How about human trafficking? Is there any "must" language in there for taking action against that? How about for taking action against rapists who walk because the victim was blamed? Nono, racial humility is clearly what matters the most here, none of that.

Shakisha Jean 93 days ago

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