8 Tips for New Social Work Interns

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Tips welcomed!

As someone who has been in the field for the past 10 years, I can attest that there's always room for tips and support. Social workers never have the same day twice - everyday is a new learning experience and being able to find support from supervisors, field placement directors and teachers is an essential part of being successful in the field!

Thank you so much for the tips and for reminding us that we are not going through this alone!!

Nupsie-flore Exantus more than 3 years ago

great article!

As I end my first month of my bsw program I feel unprepared,overwhelmed and frustrated. Tonight I took some time to start to review the material offered by my program and did so piece by piece, I re-read instructions, printed out forms and calendars, organized a binder for my field placement and in doing all of that I came upon this article. It was wonderful, just what I needed at the time that I needed it! Bravo! Great tips and I and it made me feel much more prepared to go back in to my field placement ( which I love!) Tuesday morning with a whole new attitude!
Thank you so much for allowing us to know that we are not alone as we embark on this wonderful career that sometimes may have a rocky start!

Kelly Anne Boss more than 3 years ago


i read this article and i can say i managed to acquire all the answers i need.Good Good...loving this

ruth kemboi more than 6 years ago


Thanks Ruth, I'm so glad it was helpful to you.

Sharon Young more than 6 years ago

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