Navigating Your Field Placement Search as an Online Student

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No license MSW to train interns

What to do when there isn't a license mentor or MSW to train the interns?

Anonymous intern more than 4 years ago

Talk to yoour school

It is best to talk to the field department at your school to determine if there is a way to do a placement at an agency that does not have a social worker on staff to be your field instructor. The school can tell you what the procedure is, if they have set up a way to make other arrangements for a supervisor/field instructor. more than 4 years ago

Whose Responsibility

Thank you for your thoughtful article. As I was reading your suggestions, I wondered whether social work programs should be depending on students to do so much of the work in finding field placements. Whether a program is online or in-person, isn’t the program primarily responsible for ensuring students have appropriate field education?

Dr. Allan Barsky more than 5 years ago

Field Placement

Hello Dr. Barsky,
You have a valid point however when I was studying for an AS in Paralegal studies, an internship was a graduation requirement and we were expected to secure the assignment on our own. It has been impression that this is the norm, and that by requiring students to secure their own placements it is training to find their own employment upon graduation.

Chrystine Collins-Blums more than 4 years ago

Social work field placement

Traditionally, social work programs have identified and approved field placements that meet the necessary requirements. Students then are either assigned to one of these placements or can choose from these agencies and interview with them for a placement. The procedure is not exactly the same at every school, but having students identify and arrange for placements on their own has not traditionally been the norm in social work. more than 4 years ago

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