10 Things Every New Social Worker Needs To Know About People

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Vulnerable children..

There should be something about not ignoring a child/teenager who comes to you on their own volition for help. Don't doubt them because the police have chosen to ignore them. I used to get physically abused by both my mom and brother. My mother often incited my brother to be violent towards me.

Police didn't even bother with investigating or contacting CPS. I ended just going to them. They sent me home again and refused to even help me go into a shelter.

4 months later they "investigated" my situation by allowing my abusers to talk while expecting me to be absolutely silent. When I interjected I was told it was all my fault. In the following months I came close to being murdered (threatened with a gun).

And Lo and behold my brother went onto abuse his partners in which he has done jail time for.

Children and youth are people too who afford the same protection as adults from violence.

.......... more than 3 years ago


Thanks, a million thanks. I´m going to start soon to work as a Social Worker and I feel very very lost. I haven´t worked as such before even having finished the university 7 years ago in my home country. I´m pasionate about helping others and to be honest I cannot think of doing anything else, but it´s so complicated and scary ....I´ll try my best but I know it´s not enough. We learn from our mistakes, but I´m so scared of making mistakes with people who are trusting me or in any case they depend of me for something. It may sound silly, but this article gave me strength and a different point of view, so again THANKS!

Raquel more than 6 years ago

Thank you...

Thank you for so beautifully encapsulating what our roles as social workers should be. I am just beginning my MSW program and your article simple reminds me that there is just but a small divide between us and our clients. That we can easily find our way into a situation where service workers need to step in and offer assistance. We as social workers need to remember that empathy, respect, and being human is what connects us to our clients and makes our profession the hardest and in the end, the most rewarding experience.

Michelle Pantoja-Hooley more than 7 years ago

Protective fathers and Cps

Maybe you should write how Cps percieves protective fathers. I had a supervisor during and investigation threaten to put my daughters in foster care if they had to remove them from the mother. At the end of the case abuse was conclusive. I had called the manager and the ombudsman after the threat was made. End result was a recommendation for mother to have supervised visits by Cps and later the court mediator. It was after this that the complaInt was made. Since I had a positive recommendation by the agency it was hoped that the complaint be taken seriously. End result, the supervisor who threatened the the protective parent in this case was made a manager. Its concerning that such actions are found acceptable by the agency

Anon more than 7 years ago

10 things every new social worker needs to know about people

very good article which helps put things into perspective

Dot more than 7 years ago

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