How I (a Macro Social Worker) Became a Therapist (and Fell in Love With It)

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questions from current MSW macro moving into micro concern

How were you able to work with a macro MSW when applying for a clinical position? What was that process like for you. I really appreciate this article and the success stories you have had. I am currently in the same position. I just received my MSW macro and got accepted for a clinical therapist position. I am turing in my transcripts to HR. was that a problem for you?

Gregory Johnson more than 5 years ago

Well said

I've had a similar transformation. I got my Masters in 1987 and had the same exact thoughts. I've been a clinical social worker since the 90's!! Haha! When we impact an individual we DO effect the larger community. Thanks for sharing this!!

Cheryl Grau more than 7 years ago

Macro to Micro

I am also a MSW student at USC, and I love it. I am going macro next year but I don't want to rule out the possibility of being a therapist later in life. Were you able to take on those jobs without having taken those clinical classes in college? Do employers really ask for a micro specialization?

Maya more than 7 years ago

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