Social Work in an HIV/AIDS Clinic

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Nice article :)

Hi I am Michele and I am also a Social Worker and work in Sexual Health. I am also HIV positive. I am out and loud about my status because being a white heterosexual female with HIV is kind of rare. I travel to remote areas in Australia and talk about everything HIV and about getting tested. I am trying to break the stigma as there should not be any shame in knowing your status. If we can normalize testing then more people will be empowered to take back control of themselves, their medical regime and their lives.

Michele more than 6 years ago


I would like to contact Joe, how can I contact? Can I get his contact number or mail id. I need help. Please inform how i can contact him?

Usha Pillai more than 8 years ago

contact info

Hello. We do not provide information about our writers other than what has been included in the bio at the end of the article. more than 8 years ago


I would like to work with people that has HIV my son died two weeks ago, with HIV& AIDS how can I support? I live in SC

Mary Robinson more than 4 years ago

keep looking

you can search volenteer places near your area. and then from there you can ask about to how to be more involved. i am from boston and there is a place where i can vollenteer and make food and feed people with hiv and aids. I im so sorry for your loss.

karambio more than 4 years ago

Awesome article

I am an MSW student and we are touching on HIV/AIDS and how to work with his population as a practitioner. This article gives great insight into the role of the social worker when addressing this population!

Mo more than 9 years ago

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