Working With the Developmentally Disabled Population

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Excellent ~ Thank you for Sharing!

I helped raise my brother who was born without any disabilities, his birth mother shook him and because of the abuse and neglect he suffered with many unnecessary disabilities. That could not be changed after we adopted him but the way we helped him develop into a respectful, trusting, and educated young man could be! Your article was beautifully written and I appreciate someone with compassion and voice! God bless you, keep doing the good work. I am working hard to make a difference in memory of my brother who was killed along with my parents in a home invasion. Your article was very inspiring and helped me remember why I keep going each day.... Thank you Ms. Joyce

Cherie Ortiz more than 6 years ago

Person First language

Please learn how to learn person first language.!! :)
Instead of saying "an autistic client", say "A client with autism". Also the term MR is not appropriate in this day and age. It is ID/DD population. Please learn to correctly say things before posting here. It makes me very upset that professional people do not know these things.

Brooke more than 8 years ago

Person First Language

I work as a developmental specialist and terms such as MR are still used in the professional world. When I was in college we were taught to use person first language and ID/DD but when I started working was surprised to hear and see the term MR still being used.
All I'm saying is that this person likely has heard those terms in professional settings. It is not likely from a lack of sensitivity.

GD more than 6 years ago

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