Becoming a Social Worker - A Bridge From My Past to My Future

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Depth Appreciation

"In those early days of study, I did eco-maps and genograms and embarked on a study of my personal self from pre-birth to date, studying every nook and cranny of my life, and my connections with the world-at-large..." I'm an Australian social worker and am impressed at the detail you covered at university in relation to personal/professional self. I graduated in 2001 and we certainly covered a lot of this but, in my opinion, more depth would have been better. I'm so pleased you were as open to this valuable learning experience as you were. Thank you for being such an inspiration (personally and professionally).

Kristen more than 8 years ago

Hospice SW

I became a SW to become a hospice SW. And I am. and now 4.5 years later and after 20 years of hospice work… I too am ready for what's next. That's the beauty and wonder of SW.

Conni more than 8 years ago

One Bridge To The Next

I first started out wanting to be a DSS worker because I felt I had a pretty positive experience when I was younger and removed from my mothers home. However, after I volunteered for Guardian Ad Litem, I realized I had work to do...and that serving abused and neglected children would be too hard on me at this point. This year during undergrad (i graduate May), I lost my mother in January, and my grandmother in September. These two experiences made me realize that I deal with death & dying better than most people. I understand the process, and am okay with it. So now I have interest in hospice as well.

Heather more than 8 years ago

becoming a Social Worker

Thank You for the article. It is inspiring. As a student of Human Services/Social Work and also working towards a LICDC .Its great to hear different paths and how people have reach their current positions. it seems, many of us started out wanting to go into social work for one reason however, not staying the same. Thank you for sharing.

Melissa more than 9 years ago

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