Feel the HAES®? What Every Social Worker Needs To Know About the Health at Every Size® Framework

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A great read, explanation, and commentary on HAES. As an Certified Eating Disorder Coach, I have clients who come to me that are very size, shape and struggling with food and body image. Some come expecting me to help them lose weight, or “manage” their weight. Believing all that our diet culture has fed to them, they have no clue how to feed themselves. I love it when I see the awareness return of how to Intuitively feed their bodies and move their bodies based on their bodies God given wisdom. It is also beautiful for me to watch them realize that changing their bodies “freedom point” is like asking them to change their eye color. I firmly adhere to “don’t diet.” And “diets don’t work” philosophy. We have been totally misled by a multi-billion dollar diet and “fitness” industry that thin equates happiness, health, beauty, wholeness. It is sad that the money and time we spend chasing this manufactured image keeps us from investing our time and money on the things in life that really can bring us wholeness.
Recovered from anorexia I have gained so much More than weight. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made to take care of themselves intuitively and arrive at its best weight or size. And when we listen to our bodies God given wisdom, it is a beautiful thing. Thank you for this article.

Lisabeth more than 3 years ago

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