Fusing Fitness With Mental Health Treatment in Supportive Housing and Related Settings

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Seems there are not a lot of sites out there devoted strictly to the symbiotic relationship between physical and mental health. This article was one of the few I found. I am working on my MSW degree currently and want to pursue a career in using physical fitness and healthy lifestyles as a therapy for mental illness, so I am glad there are others out there desiring the same thing.

Shawn Bills more than 2 years ago

Amazing. I recently finished my MSW and this is exactly the type of work I want to do. Wish I had someone like this as a mentor

I ended up on this article after weeks of searching around for information about using fitness and physical exercise as a catalyst for or modality of therapeutic mental health treatment. There is a shockingly limited number of similar programs it seems (besides the occasional implementation of yoga or breathing exercises in mindfulness-based therapies, or walking therapy for clients with anxiety + ADHD + a few other presenting concerns which would benefit)...and an equally shocking scarcity of literature and studies. If anyone (especially the author!) has any insight on examples of these kinds of programs and therapies, or any additional reading about them or the underlying theories, please do let me know!

Brandon more than 3 years ago

Currently applying to MSW programs and wanting to research and pursue this type of work as well!


I am applying to grad schools now, and have been looking for peer reviewed articles--and any information really--that documents the use of exercise and healthy lifestyle change to combat addiction, mental health issues, etc...

I see your comment was left only two days ago, so I wanted to reach out and see if you want to connect and discuss the emergence of this preventative treatment further. Plus, I don't know any other social workers personally and would love to hear your thoughts on the profession and the field as a new grad.

Anyway, taking your recent comment as a sign and I'm leaving my email posted below. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in chatting!


Taylor more than 3 years ago

Fusing Fitness With Mental Health Treatment in Supportive Housing and Related Settings

Great article! This article will served as a source of inspiration for me.

Adrienne Davis more than 4 years ago


David, this is exactly the concept I hope to introduce to my community. So glad you have already done it in yours! I have several fitness training certifications for older adults and this is also the segment of the mental health population I will seek to help. Glad to have you as a trailblazer!!! I complete my MSW program Dec. 16 of this year. This is HUGE!!!

Reni B Winter-Evans more than 5 years ago

Great article!

This is also something I am hoping to integrate into my work as a therapist and social worker! I have been teaching group fitness for a few years now and would love to work in the benefits of prevention and discussing the connection between physical and mental health. I'm so glad I saw this article!

Stephenie Carlson more than 5 years ago

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