Is Practicing Civility Enough During Times of Strife: A Reminder of Social Work’s Central Calling

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Thank you for the reminder and encouragement

Great article! Great reminder! Just what I needed. My current job is threatened b/c my appreciation for the SW Code of Ethics supersedes my willingness to cooperate with what appears to be neglect and an agencies inability to provide adequate services to their clients. Where I live, the mental health system appears fundamentally broken. The DHHS appears unaware, unconcerned and/or underfunded. With this powerful reminder, I have faith in my abilities to find a new job after 10 years of social work service. I will finally seek out the job that will permit me to incorporate my ethics into my daily practice. Thanks for this reminder! 🙏🏽

Eve Block, MSW more than 3 years ago


Thanks for reminding us of the link between civility and freedom of speech. We can advocate in a manner that is assertive, effective, and respectful. Our means of advocating for social justice are just as important as the ends.

Allan Barsky, JD, PhD more than 3 years ago

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