Listen to the Zebras: Observing Rare Disease Day

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An essential sharing!

What an important wake-up call, Angela; and what an extraordinary awareness you bring to our profession,
Thanks for such an essential sharing!

SaraKay Smullens 189 days ago

Response to your article

This is a great insight to the experience and a wonderful education about TMAU. I am inspired by your innovation in treating yourself and your openness about your trials. God bless you. The people who you will help in your career will truly be touched by an angel. I’m wearing Zebra on the last day of February from now on!

JacQui DelPriore 195 days ago


You are an amazing individual, Angela. Not many people with this disease have been able to integrate successfully into society. Your personal journey and your professional career are helping them do just that.

Barbara Heinssen 198 days ago


Your persistence made a difference for you and will hopefully do the same for so many others- thank you for sharing your story and your success!

Patti Swenson-Abraham 201 days ago

Great courage

Inspiring to read and an important message for all health care providers.

Michael 204 days ago

Thank You

Thank you for your kind words, Michael.

Angela M. Pokorny 203 days ago

Living with TMAU

People often wish for a hero to come into their lives! There are so many people who lack the resources to be their own heroes and many of them fall by the wayside, uncounted casualties suffering silently their whole existence! There are occasions when a person who has the gift and the courage to shine a light, ring a bell, shout out loud and give hope to those not able to do so themselves ! TMAU is certainly no laughing matter and I’m sure has caused suffering in countless numbers of people, but now they will have a place or someone to turn to and not suffer alone! That is what heroes do , they give people hope! God Bless all your efforts and give you strength to continue to be a light! All the very best to you!

Raymond Taliercio 159 days ago

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