Neuroscience and Future Social Work Curriculums

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A response to Dr. Blundo

Modern day psychology is more physiology than Psyche. There continues the unyielding belief that the mind and brain are the same and can be used interchangeable. Not so. The brain, like all materialistic things dies at the putting down of the physical body. The mind does not end and goes on to other planes of our social system. Social Workers are becoming more and more interested in the finer details of spirituality, and the APA recently published an article on how to bring more spirituality into their counseling efforts. Like brain/mind, spirituality seems to abstruse to separate from religion. Again, they are not the same. Because most scientists adhere to Bacon's outmoded research model and limits their concerns to a materialistic world view and paradigm, they will fail to discover the truths they seek, since an empirical and phenomena approach can never discover spiritual truths.

Don Crawford more than 7 years ago

Response to Don Crawford

If you can not prove spirituality yet you talk of it as it has some substance. I respect your right to believe in whatever you like but to seek some legitimacy just because you think it to be true and then use it to undermine knowledge by dedicated research and hard work appears to be an irrational argument and does not add to my knowledge.

Colin Harriss more than 7 years ago

Reply to Colin Harriss

To educate is difficult enough, but to try to re-educate, that is, to reorient one's knowledge once it is fixed and the source of one's authority and position, is neigh impossible. If one starts with the wrong beliefs his or her research will end up wrong. As Theosophy states, "As one thinks so he or she IS, since we believe we are who and what we are. Have you any real idea of what constitutes a human entity?

Don Crawford more than 7 years ago

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