Public Libraries Add Social Workers and Social Programs

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Denver Public Library

Hi, I'm the social work manager at the Denver Public Library. We've had a social work program here for 3 years. It now has 4 social work positions and 4 peer navigator positions. We focus on supporting any customer experiencing a life challenge.

Elissa Hardy, LCSW 350 days ago

Thank you

Elissa, thank you for the update. This article was written in 2014. It exciting to hear that there is a social work program at Denver Public Library now and how it is growing! 350 days ago

Social Worker from the Philippines

Hello! This is Emy, a Registered Social Worker in the Philippines. I am truly interested on the emerging of social work practice in a Public Library setting. I would love to expand my social work espertise on this setting as well! :)

Emy Oliveros 85 days ago

Hope this continues

I'm a LMSW who is looking to retire in the next 2 years. I have been thinking of how I can remain active in social work, but in a less intensive environment then I'm in now and perhaps less hours. If there are libraries out there that are considering hiring social workers, but are worried that the could not offer competing salaries because it's not in the budget, please keep in mind that there are retired social workers or retiring social workers who are looking for opportunities like this. I hope I can find a library near me that will have a program like this. In my current job I have worked in the homeless program and the substance use program. A number of my clients use the library on a regular basis and having a social worker in the library setting just makes sense.

Kelly Morrison more than 1 year ago

Love the trend

I'm an MSW who has been at the library in Richland County for almost three years. I love that this trend is catching traction. It makes so much sense and offers our clients access without stigma.

Lee Patterson more than 2 years ago

Pima County

Pima County is in Arizona - not California

mary more than 3 years ago


Thank you. This has been corrected in the article. more than 3 years ago

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