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Depression in ex pro athletes

I played 4 years as a minor league pitcher. After children arrived and unexpected serious medical problems emerged I knew I needed to go back to school. My second career was always meant to work with and help people as a therapist. Clinical Social Work was the quickest and best route to that ambition. I think I could offer some unique perspectives even though my short professional sports career was decades ago.

STEVEN WATSON more than 6 years ago

Steven Watson

I have over the years treated all levels of Athletes from HS to Pro. Many years ago I did some Research with Fed Law Enforcement, subsequently identifying the stressors that bring Hell to the House! I am an Adolescent and Family Clinician and was enlightened to say the least. Fast forward to my Practice becoming a Hub for, in particular, College and Pro Athlete Family Systems. I was amazed at the similarities with regard to symptomatology in these Families. Common theme: Athletes at these levels wear virtually the same Armour that high level Cops wear, ie what makes them good out there, often reeks Hell in the home! Im so Grateful to hear of an ex Athlete becoming a Social Worker, what a Dynamic combination and support to these families. Im definitely joining this Group. PEACE.

Mitzi MacKenzie, MSW, LCSW more than 5 years ago

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