Social Work's Watershed Moment: The Social Work Reinvestment Act (SWRA)

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No Degree

I think that helping people would bring so much self satisfication that enjoying what you do and making a difference is so much more than a pay check...I understand that money is the motivating force for most of us to work, but when I think of making a difference in someones life that is like getting a bonus...I didn't know that such careers in this field was such a huge demand without a degree....I would love to get involved with this kind of work and possible get a degree in such field to boot. I am an educated woman who has MS and understand the meaning of disabled..I lost everything I worked for including my job as a high performance Insurance agent for 18yrs. I have many limitations now that will never allow me to return to such high stress environment....but if I could get involved in helping others with coping skills, educating them, helping them except and deal with their limitations, I think that would just be wonderful...It actually gives me hope that there is something out there that I may still be able to do though I have never done anything like it...I have a lot of experience in dealing with all types of people, being in the people business teaches you how to deal with the variety of personalities. If this something that only requires a person with smarts, compassion, car and some knowledge of the human race then this is the job for me.

lisa sowards more than 9 years ago

lisa sowards

social workers do not receive the respect they deserve, and yet, they are the ones other professions turn to to help themselves and their patients or residents. there is a LOT of satisfaction in helping others, but there is also a LOT of burnout due to the pressures of trying to help people without getting the support we social workers need to help people effectively. it is disheartening that we barely make a living wage while the other professionals who have bachelor's degrees just like us, make several dollars more than we do. And I don't think they should make less, I just believe that we are "in the trenches" with them and our pay scales should be more equal. I love my job, but the inequities can be tough to handle at times.

susan more than 9 years ago

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