The Hard Question: How I Got Started in Social Work

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Social Work!?!?! Are You a Sadist!?!?!

I have done many things in my still young life. Over a decade of active military service, search and rescue and federal law enforcement left me with a void when I joined civilian life again. I still wanted to help people. Settling back into "regular" life, I wanted to go to school for something important. Something that I can use to make a difference. I ended up choosing Social Work. I have to say, this is the one career field that people have a strange reaction to. Most career fields are responded to favorably or at least people pretend that they think it is a good idea. Not Social Work! I typically get reactions such as "Why?", "Good luck with that one", "Let me know when you reach burnout", and other similar responses. I personally think that it is kind of humorous. Most people are unaware of the diversity and broad range in jobs and/or fields that social workers work in. But that is alright. I do not want to be an electrical engineer or computer programmer, so I am happy that there are people to fill that demand. Likewise, they appreciate people like us who apparently "bite the social work bullet".

I enjoyed your story. That is quite a reaction you got. Congratulations to you for making that decision and taking that stand regardless of the response. You are much more experienced than I am but I do know that the social work field needs people that are willing to weather a storm in order to make a positive change.

Steve more than 7 years ago

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