The Holiday Triangle - Thoughts for Social Workers

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Timely insight...

I lost one of my older brothers shortly after Thanksgiving this year due to diabetes and I'm still copin with this new reality. My family is dealing with our sudden loss by taking it one day at a time by faith. My thoughts and prayers are also with those in mourning. Thank you.

Susan P. more than 7 years ago

follow up

Susan, I honor your wisdom and strength. Please stay in touch at

Alan Wolkenstein more than 7 years ago

Triangle , grief

My church has a light in the darkness service every year the week of Christmas . Our small community finds this helpful according to comments we receive. It is very important to honor the grief of people .

Christi more than 7 years ago

The Holiday Triangle

Christi, please drop me a line at and I would like to talk with you about your wonderful ritual...

Professor Alan Wolkenstein more than 7 years ago

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