Voter Registration Reality: A View From the Social Work Field

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Voter registration - social work

I was shocked to learn that some faculty members still questioned the relevance of voter registration to social work practice, despite having access to the Voting Is Social Work website. I too agree with the article that “voting builds political power” and is a segue to “social work and social justice work” - if we want to make changes, it’s imperative we vote in 2020.

Ashley Egan more than 1 year ago

one thing I learned

One thing I learned was voting is crucial and there are many ways to get voting done during this pandemic and that included being able to vote online. Another thing I learned was voting makes political power stronger and voting connects to social work, which I did not know before.

Jazlynn Villanueva more than 1 year ago


I am truly shocked to learn that some people are still oblivious to the importance of voting. Especially in an election as crucial as this one, I was shocked to hear that even some faculty struggled to see the connection between voting and social work. Voting directly impacts the issues that we see in the social work field every day and voter engagement by social workers has a direct correlation with our social justice values.

Cassie Doyon more than 1 year ago

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