When Parents Cannot Let Go: Insights Highlighted by the College Admissions Scandal

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Please think more about this

Great. More heady,abstract concepts with no solution or practical use. Your opinion isn't helpful here. You say "if they believe parents have no faith that they will deal with reality, regardless of how stony its path?"
Not sure if you've ever practiced actual Social Work (worked a case load for people in extreme poverty, done assessments, etc) but the entire economic system is set up to deprive people and keep them down. If parents can afford private schools and other opportunities, they are protecting their kids from problems that no one can solve. This is a good thing. Please don't portray the stony path as something that can just be worked through. It is a place where people are trampled by those with privilege and money. Best not to get on that path in the first place.

Clendaniel Morrison more than 3 years ago

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