Women’s Rights in Modern America

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Thank you

You are a courageous young woman with a bright future. Keep up the good fight!!!

Pea more than 6 years ago

Women are absolutely paid less than men

Ashley C: seriously you are going to say that women are not paid less than men. Where have you been for the last 6 decades. Even the White House acknowledges women earn less than a man does on a yearly basis. Women earn .78 to every dollar a man earns. It has nothing to do with taking maternity leave and working less to take care of the children. Since when does child rearing become a matter of biology as you claim? https://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/equal_pay_issue_brief_final.pdf
Also at 26 weeks a baby cannot survive outside the womb without intensive neonatal care and even then at 26 weeks it is about a 20% chance of survival. I have yet to meet a baby who is home with their parents at 26 weeks old. A baby born at 26 weeks has a 20 % chance of dying and a much higher rate of having a life long serious disability. They do NOT thrive outside the womb as you suggest. They require extreme and intensive medical intervention to try to keep them alive. https://penut-trial.org/node/43. So please stop perpetrating misinformation, as you say, if you want people to take these matters seriously. Do some research.

Lisa Simo-Kinzer more than 6 years ago

A few points

This article really captivated my attention as I have a lot in common with the author. That being said, I want to clarify a few things. Women are not paid LESS than men in America. Those numbers are averages and do not account for things like taking maternity leave and working less to take care of children. That is biology. Another thing that screamed at me was the 26 weeks bit. At 26 weeks a baby surely CAN and often does thrive outside of the womb. There is plenty of information out there to back up this claim. If you want people to take these other matters seriously, stop perpetrating misinformation. It doesn't help any.

Ashley Carey more than 6 years ago

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