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Personality Disorders, D Bodenh

While I agree with the majority of your highlighted therapeutic concerns/countertransference insights. I think you left out a couple significant traits conducive to persons dealing with Persinality disorder. 1. The severe feelings of abandonment and related rage, especially in times of increased stress. 2. The need for immediate relief, often leading to self harm (e.g., cutting, burning self, impulsive speeding, etc). The intent of course is always relief, not actual death 3. Black and white thinking (e.g., one day/min you're the best therapist and on a fine feelings /thoughts switch to you're the worst therapist, etc). Personality disorders do lack of an integrated sense of self, when stress increase one will often see lower level coping mechanisms kick in or in other words decompensation. Just my thoughts. I have worked successfully with Borderline clients in private practice and on the psychiatric unit. Strong boundaries, sense of your own self, supervision and/or team work, respectively.

Lori more than 6 years ago

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