The Impostor Syndrome and the Social Worker

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Imposter Syndrome

Besides all of the above, add that our degree is in Social Work and not Psychology or Psychiatry - the public still does not get what social workers do and are capable of doing and how we provide the bulk of MH services so we are prone to internalize that we really don't have a good grasp of what is needed to provide these services especially combined with the complexity of the individuals we serve and this adds to the imposter syndrome. We have always been too busy with our clients and advocating for them that educating the public about social work is poorly done - so many steriotypes, being seen as "caseworkers for the State/Welfare." In spite of our hard work, rigorous studies and field placement, we as all undervalued people are prone to take on the biases in society.

Joanne Stiteler more than 6 years ago

And don't forget being ethical...

I enjoyed this article. We find our way though!

Debbie A Sanchez, LMSW-IPR more than 6 years ago

A must read for all Social and Health care professionals

Thank you for an insightful, well thought through article that ring very true and I am sure most Social and Health care professionals will be able to relate to. As an experienced social worker in Private Practice I have often blamed myself for not " getting the results" results that were not mine to get in the first place. I have experienced certain treatment methods, though it might be effective for some people are totally counter productive to others eg the 12 Steps alcohol and Drug abuse treatment plans, ADD and ADHD diagnosis and treatment methods to name but two. Unfortunately we work in such a high demand environment that yoh often don't dare raise these opinions, to the detriment of your patients. Politics and systems often abuse us, and we allow it as we are good caring people who want to get it right. In my experience as a Supervisor of several social workers most of my staff is dedicated, caring people who will go more than the extra mile to safeguard the vulnerable people they work with.

Elsette more than 6 years ago

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